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Geopathic stress means disease of the earth/environment Geopathic stress is imposed on the body by exposure to radiation from either manmade or natural sources, Manmade sources include emissions from power lines, transmission masts, microwave ovens, computers & mobile phones, among others. Natural sources of geopathic stress come from a disruption in the natural energy flow, e.g. if a house is built directly over underground water streams or over the earth's natural magnetic lines, the changed energy vibration from these sources can be damaging to our health over time. Ultimately the overall result of geopathic stress is a lowering of our immune system and subsequently ill health. 

Spiral of Tranquilitilm "Spiral"

Dr. Micheal Poynder, pioneer of geopathic and personal stress studies, stated "Geopathic stress may manifest in physical symptoms such as reduced vitality, chronic sleep disturbances, high states of anxiety, aggression or hyperactivity, These symptoms can be difficult to diagnose or treat using conventional methods, It is now more accepted by the medical community that sleeping over underground water flows, particularly when it contains iron, is a major cause of ME, and that sleeping over disrupted magnetic lines is a major cause of MS. In both conditions the human immune system is gradually depleted; the result being cancer," 

Fortunately, balancing devices have been created to counteract geopathic stress in any environment. After over 20 years of research, Clive Beadon, DFC, Wing Commander of the British RAF (and renowned Dowser) identified that the use of 8 particular gemstones coupled with positive and negative copper coils, enables chaotic energy patterns to be effectively realigned and restored into perfect balance. The resulting energy balancing device for your environment is known as the Spiral of Tranquilitilm "Spiral"

The "Spiral" has been realigning geopathic energy in homes, workplaces, farm buildings and horse stables worldwide for over twelve years taking 2 to 6 weeks to reach its maximum range of 50 x 50 metres/yards2. 

A "Pendant" version, worn around the neck to protect the wearer with a range of 10 metres/yards2 has a similar capability and has also been very successful in combating electromagnetic stress from electronic devices such as computers, office/manufacturing equipment microwave ovens, TV's and mobile/ cordless phones. 

The "Pendant" has also been found to be very effective against JETLAG.
For further info on jetlag see 

The "Mobile Protection ChipTM (MPC)" was invented by Dr. Micheal Poynder to block the radiation from mobile/cordless phones, computers, TV's, microwave ovens etc. 

Polycontrast Interference Photography shows how MPC protects you These photographs show clearly how MPC protects you from harmful magnetic emissions. These photographs of Dr. Michael Poynder the inventor of MPC, were taken by Dr. Harry Oldfield with his Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) system. 

The minutest change in density of photons is recorded to give the pictures you see. Different colours represent different frequencies of energy.
  • The first picture shows Michael's normal magnetic fields.
  • The black cloud over his head in the second picture shows the disruptive energy caused by the use of his mobile phone.
  • The third picture shows how this disruptive negative energy is neutralized by the use of an MPC device on his phone.
After carrying out this study, Dr. Oldfield concluded "There appears to be a correlation between MPC and positive energy influences and protection of the user. MPC proved very worthy in these particular experiments". 

Sources of Geopathic Stress 

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The following are some of the products' endorsees (more details on our website)
Ms. Leslie Kenton, internationally renowned health guru, editor, broadcaster and author of "Passage to Power" and "Journey to Freedom"
Russell Vaughan, MD Supreme Manufacturing Ltd.
Tom Griffin, Director and Co founder of Plexus Bio-Energy Alternative Healing Institute,
Jenny McGann, Amatsu Therapist. 

Independent Scientific Testing

Two independent scientific organisations completed tests on these products and published their findings highlighting our products capabilities (available on our website) i.e. Roger Coghill MA. (Cantab), C.Biol, MI Biol. MA. (Environ, Mgt.) --- Coghill Research Laboratories and Scientist Mr.Geoffrey W. Crockford, B.Sc., M.I.Biol„ F.1,0.H., F. Eng, Soc., GC Occupational Hygiene & Safety. 

Directions for use of your Spiral, Pendant and MPC

Set the Spiral's packaging aside. Place the Spiral on a flat wooden surface, such as a shelf or table where it will not be covered or disturbed. Do not put it directly on a stone, glass or metal surface. Please ensure that the home or workplace is clear of all loose gemstones (put them away in polythene in a tin box or remove them permanently) as they will conflict with the gemstones in the Spiral and reduce its efficiency. If for any reason you wish to stop the device from working, simply wrap the Spiral in bubble-wrap polythene and place it in a metal box. 

Suspend the Pendant on a tape, cord or chain as supplied or alternatively on a 9ct gold chain and wear it around your neck above or beneath a shirt or blouse. The Pendant's efficiency will be reduced if used 
under heavy covering of top clothes, especially if made from synthetic materials, or if placed in trouser or coat pockets, purses or handbags. Try not to wear any other gemstone jewellery at the same time. At night either hang the Pendant separate from enveloping clothes or place it on a flat wooden surface, so that it can continue working, 

MPC (Mobile Protection Chip')
To use your MPC remove the protective paper backing from the reverse side and affix to a clean dry surface on the face of your mobile phone, computer, microwave oven or electronic game. For fold over mobile phones place MPC on the back of the top section. 

Use only warm soapy water to clean the surfaces once a month or as required.

If you are dissatisfied with the Spiral or Pendant we will refund your money up to 90 days after purchase provided you return the product in its original packaging in the same good condition as purchased with receipt enclosed. 

No specific healing properties or miracles are claimed for the Spiral of Tranquilily TM products, but in providing an improved environment with these products, a patient currently receiving treatment should find that it is enhanced and more effective. 
We know these devices to be highly effective health-aids which will enhance any health practitioner's practice. They are not dependant on electricity or batteries for power and will last indefinitely for your benefit and future generations.

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