Testimonials from Students on the Diploma Course of 2015 - 2016

Sinead McGowan - December 2015 (Qualified May 2016)

The course is no ordinary bio energy course it is adapted to give you good knowledge on the workings of the body and mind and also in how to be intuitive in the gift we have been given to heal. The wide variety of tools we are thought are both inspiring and enlightening. The EFT to tap into positivity matched with the gratitude note book indeed allow us only one direction. Up up and away😀I feel since I started the course my life's journey has become ignited again and I am learning how to awakened to  the inner gifts and use them to heal.

Thank you Gemma for being such a good teacher and kind person.

Catherine Cooke - December 2015 (Qualified May 2016)

I have enjoyed every minute of the course to date.  In doing the course I feel I am meeting people from different areas and all sharing the same interests.  Bio Energy has increased my energy levels, confidence, decision making and well being.  I feel more connected to the universe and aware of the power of it.  I look forward to attending the course each month.  I enjoy practising the therapy and I am amazed of the positive results of the therapy.  Thanks Gemma

Tom Diffley - 25th February 2015 (Qualified May 2015)

The Bio Energy Course which I have just completed is truly amazing.  It is a very well structured and extremely well presented course.  Bio Energy is a very powerful method of balancing energy in the body.  The course is very practical and it also covers the areas of nutrition, self help and self awareness.  This is a course that I would highly recommend since I have benefited from it on a personal level.

Trish Gowing - 26th February 2015 (Qualified May 2015)

I am currently doing the Bio-Energy Diploma Course.  Firstly, the location is absolutely beautiful - each weekend of the course is a retreat away from the modern world.  The content of the course with a combination of Bio-Energy, Roots and Branches, EFT, Nutrition is life transforming.  The tuition given by Gemma and her assistants is excellent and everyone receives the time and attention necessary.  There is a lovely welcoming warm feeling in each class.  I would definitely recommend this Bio-Energy Diploma Course.  It's like a whole new beautiful world opens up.  It will change your life!

Kind regards, Trish.

Una Crilly - 19th March 2015 (Qualified May 2015)

I am studying the Bio-Energy Diploma Course with Gemma.  This is an amazing life-changing course based each month in a stunning and peaceful location in Howth.  Gemma and her team of experts provide a comprehensive holistic approach to Bio-Energy Therapy.  The Bio-Energy training is enhanced with additional skills in nutrition, EFT, Life Coaching and Qi Gong.  Gemma provides care and attention to each student and professionally guides us to becoming a fully qualified Bio-Energy Therapist.  I would highly recommend the course to anyone wishing to learn life skills to improve your well being and to help others.


Elaine Lawlor - 23rd March 2015 (Qualified May 2015)

After years of illness and the only answers I got were "it's your age", "you're too fat", "take pain medication", I began to get anxiety and panic attacks.  I was at an all time low when I found Bio Energy and I've never looked back, because it's shown me I can look after myself.

I'm happy, healthy and high on life.  It's been a magical journey and I've loved every moment.  Now I can share the magic with others and it gives me a purpose again.

Thank you - Catherine from Rush

posted 8 Jan 2012, 17:10 by A Clarke   [ updated 8 Jan 2012, 17:19 ]

After a perchance meeting with Gemma Hipson early in 2010
– Both my Husband and I have been gently but very positively introduced to Bio-Energy.

We both have complicated health conditions, which were seriously eroding our quality of life.

After seven months of occasional treatments we are undeniably feeling the benefits of Bio-Energy Therapy.

Gemma brings to her work a combination of knowledge, empathy and true professionalism.

Rush, Co. Dublin

Thank You - Lucan.

posted 8 Jan 2012, 17:03 by A Clarke

Dear Gemma

I just wanted to let you both know that D. has made fabulous strides since the several Bio-Energy treatments with you.

D. has down syndrome and we knew that nothing could change that, but intuitively felt that the therapy would help but wasn't sure what to expect, or have clear objectives for the therapy.

Our main concerns for D. were that he has no speech, had a oral motor and feeding problems; he never holds food in his hand, finger fed himself or put anything in his mouth except his thumb... but would let us feed him soft food on a spoon. He has poor muscle tone all over.

Since starting the Bio-Energy he would bite on a cracker but would push the food out of his mouth. I was delighted with this because he has never bitten anything and for the speech muscles in his mouth to develop he needs to build them by biting and chewing.

On monday out of the blue he 'pinched' a banana and went to the mirror, opened the banana and started to eat it!

Later that day i gave him and his sister a banana in their hand and - he ate it.Yesterday he took his sisters apple and started to gnaw on it and later tried to eat a kiwi. The fact that he will hold the food, put it to his mouth and accept these new tastes, never mind chew is mind blowing for me!

Today he bit and sucked on a lolly pop !

It might not sound much to others but for us these changes are miracles and I attribute them to the Bio-Energy and correction work.

I really feel hopeful now that D. will begin to develop the muscles in his mouth, will be able to feed himself and be able to eat a range of foods like his peers.

I just wanted to pass on our good news and to thank you for your help, skill and gift of hope.

Every Best

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