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Thank You - Lucan.

posted 8 Jan 2012, 17:03 by A Clarke
Dear Gemma

I just wanted to let you both know that D. has made fabulous strides since the several Bio-Energy treatments with you.

D. has down syndrome and we knew that nothing could change that, but intuitively felt that the therapy would help but wasn't sure what to expect, or have clear objectives for the therapy.

Our main concerns for D. were that he has no speech, had a oral motor and feeding problems; he never holds food in his hand, finger fed himself or put anything in his mouth except his thumb... but would let us feed him soft food on a spoon. He has poor muscle tone all over.

Since starting the Bio-Energy he would bite on a cracker but would push the food out of his mouth. I was delighted with this because he has never bitten anything and for the speech muscles in his mouth to develop he needs to build them by biting and chewing.

On monday out of the blue he 'pinched' a banana and went to the mirror, opened the banana and started to eat it!

Later that day i gave him and his sister a banana in their hand and - he ate it.Yesterday he took his sisters apple and started to gnaw on it and later tried to eat a kiwi. The fact that he will hold the food, put it to his mouth and accept these new tastes, never mind chew is mind blowing for me!

Today he bit and sucked on a lolly pop !

It might not sound much to others but for us these changes are miracles and I attribute them to the Bio-Energy and correction work.

I really feel hopeful now that D. will begin to develop the muscles in his mouth, will be able to feed himself and be able to eat a range of foods like his peers.

I just wanted to pass on our good news and to thank you for your help, skill and gift of hope.

Every Best