The Bio Energy Academy of Dublin Diploma Course Objectives.

As a Qualified Therapist you will have attained a thorough knowledge and understanding of the following:

·         The Protocols (hand movements) of Bio Energy - All the protocols of bio energy will be taught to you in a simple format and with continuous Inter active practice of the protocols. You will gradually do six case histories over the eight months.

·         The Seven Major Chakra Energy System – plus the Aura and the magnetic field of the human body. The Seven Major chakras are taught in modules, starting with the root chakra which is at the base of the spine in Month one and continuing through Sacral Chakra month 2, Solar plexus Chakra Month 3, Heart Chakra Month 4, Throat Chakra month 5, Brow Chakra Month 6, Crown chakra Month 7. In this way you can assimilate all the information each month while you are learning to do the hand movements that will clear the blockages in these energy systems including The Aura, Auric Fields and Magnetic field.

·         14 Meridians of the body - The location and function of them, through 5 element healing. The Chakras are the powerhouse which brings in the life force energy to the body and it falls in to the openings of the meridians on the way down. The meridians then feed the Organs of the body, all of the meridians must be clear at all times for the body to be healthy.

·         Qi Gong - how to boost your own energy to a high vibrant frequency. We have two Tai Chi Masters who teach Roots & branches, 5 element healing Qi Gong which is a Chinese way of boosting the life force energy in the body to maximum. This will then keep your immune system at 100% which will keep your body healthy.

·         Meditation - to acquire joy and tranquillity, clarity of mind, to be stress and fatigue free and learn to be at peace with your source. We meditate each month for a short time and it is amazing how calm you become with even 5 to 10 minutes of meditation, we do our monthly practice of the hand movements in mindfulness which is to think only of being in the present moment. This also brings calm and new strength to each student.

·         Diet and Nutrition - You are what you eat! Our Nutritionist will show you what food to eat to be healthy and teach you how to diagnose the food you and your clients may be intolerant of. Also to learn what happens to the food from going into the mouth until it reaches the anus.

 Emotional Freedom Techniques – Our EFT practitioner will teach you to tap away all your emotional and trauma blockages in the 14 meridians, Chakras and Organs that will have accumulated in your lifetime. This is a special and unique way of clearing your stuff and old baggage from your energy systems.  We teach this for 3 months starting with month 1.

·         Positivity through Gratitude - how to build gratitude in your heart and send that gratitude out to the Universe and receive back exactly  what you require in life to be fulfilled and happy. We teach this from month one as it will also change your thought structure to positive.

·          Living Threads - Introducing Colour Cotton Therapy, A unique form of vibrational healing that relate to the body, the subtle energy system and their specific frequencies.

·         Life Coaching - Where do you see yourself in 5/10 years time?  Do you have a dream?   If you do have a dream, how do you see it happening for you!

The Bio Energy Academy lecturers will show you how to achieve that dream.

What is it you want in life? We will teach you to ask for what you want in life without fear and know that you can achieve it.

·         Building a new career - with The Bio Energy Academy of Dublin.

Bio Energy is a wonderful way to start a new career, we will show you how to start up your own clinic, how to welcome and treat your clients, keep records, how to focus and market yourself.

Bio Energy Treatments takes an hour from meeting and greeting. Listening to your client, treatment and closing, booking your next appointment and saying goodbye.

All of this is vitally important which is why our course is so detailed, You, the therapist, will build your knowledge month by month and you will treat your clients with love, light and energy. 4 Treatments is a programme, which can be done on 4 consecutive days or once a week for 4 weeks or two per week for two weeks.

You can choose to do as little or as much as you wish. € 50.00 per session x 4.